Getting to the point where I need a run...

Its been a week...

A full week at work, a very full week at work... However, my new person is beginning to settle in, I'm on top of most of the stuff that's going on and I'm also getting there on a couple of issues that need bottoming out.

Throw in a meeting of the Civil Service Disability Network, a telephone conference with the GUCH Walking Club Executive and a CHF Trustees meeting its no wonder I spelt 12 hours last night... Today was a stack of stuff for the GWC - reminding people of our next walks, explaining what we're doing behind the scenes and stuff like that - a meeting of the European Congenital Heart Group - finalising the documents for the Berlin conference - and working with the GUCH International Group to help the Slovenian's by answering a questionnaire...

So, not a lot of time to get out and exercise - I did manage to get climbing twice, and it seems the climbing wall has started booby trapping routes - one hold spun on its screw and another shattered.

So the plan is to go for a run on Tuesday... Hopefully, cos the little irritations of life are building up to the point where I need to run, and run hard.

However, a week more and I escape to the hills:-D




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