When the going gets tough, the tough reach for the radox and deep freeze!

Its been a week... Walking Marathon last weekend, busy week at work - just for once a quiet week would be good! Climbing all afternoon on Friday, got some pesky routes I'd been having problems with, and eaten a fair amount of pasta to prep for today's efforts.

The first 10 miles were good, excluding the idiot in a merc who decided to go road rage at me, ran 2km and walked 500m and kept it up all the way the rather nasty hill from Aughton to Ormskirk, yep a slow run, but still a run.

2 hours in and it started getting hot, very hot... Kept it up for another couple of km and then spotted that I'd drunk the 3rd of my hydration juices in 5km compared with the about a bottle every 5miles. I also spotted the normally black shoulder straps of my running sack were going a little white with the salt... And my hip began to ache in the same place as it did after the walking marathon:-( So I called it a day at 13miles... Annoying but probably sensible!




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