Last Months News? And a niggle:-(

Well the days of pointing to the shelves in WH SMiths or Waterstones, or even Asda, and saying "I'm in there" are over... Time moves on so does the walking and running world, so there's more worthy causes and people doing daft things filling the shelves where I was once...

However, plans are afoot... A way of kicking off Children's Heart Week with a lot of publicity... I can't take a lot of credit for it - one of the Parent's on the Heartline's messageboard came up with the original idea and I'm just doing my normal job of trying to expand it as much as possible!

As details firm up I'll let you know, but as a taster think of me dressed as a Teddy Bear!

The niggle is annoying me... Walked most of last week to give my legs a chance to recovery from the Liverpool half, using the good weather (I know on a Bank Holiday!!!) to walk stretches of the local canal I'd not done before. But Sunday I tried to run, and just felt crud, no energy and not able to keep any form of pace together. Part of it will be my system adjusting to less sugar (more drugs = less sugar = grumpy Paul until my body adjusts) and part of it was just blurg-ness!

Anyway, walked a bit, then did a fast walk that evening - so last week came out out at over 50km walked - good for baseloading not so good in terms of training my legs to run at a set pace for a long time.

Today, well.... I woke up having slept on my leg (no I don't know either!) and gave myself a dead leg - which has loosened but not gone - and feels like I've bruised the side of my leg.

So my orders to myself... Take a day or 2 off from the running... The training load has been good so far:-)




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