Dolls with personalised scars, the last trainers in Merseyside and expensive days!!!

A week off the running, and only time for one climbing session...

Been busy with work stuff though, data to mash in ways it wasn't designed or collected for... to see fear in the eyes of people start talking about multi-year trend analysis as a basic datum feed into a prioritisation exercise... Especially when they don't have the data.... Some days I like being me:-)

Interviewed for interns, poor souls who will work for me for a year - feel for them:-)

Also been working behind the scenes for my main contribution to Heart Week, its all a bit hush-hush at the moment as the last bits fall into place but hopefully it will work, raise a lot of awareness and be a bit of fun as well. The other thing is should raise is cash which will help CHF carry on doing things like Molly's Dolly - a doll you can customise to match the scars a heart kid will have following an op... Playing with someone who looks like, with the same scars so you can see that its ok to have a scar is something I never had as a kid, and although my scar and I are old friends having something these (and they're also available in boy models, different skin and hair colour) as a kid would have helped when I was a lot smaller.

The dolls are free, we just need to check that you've a heart kid (I know that sounds daft but trust me its needed!!!!), the ways that they can be used are explained better here:

So, the good news was it was payday... So a small spending spree ensued; Morning Suit hired (traditional shop so all was very smooooooooth) for the trip to the Palace, then a mad dash across Merseyside to find the last pair of my favourite trainers in my size, then sorting out and booking my flights to Berlin for July. Berlin is the host city for the 2010 Eurohearts Conference, where GUCHs from across Europe (and often wider) will come together to share, learn and decide what they want us as community to take forward.

All of which means that getting back to the simple things of life is good, like running 13 miles in the morning!!!




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