27 days... Being inspired and sensible in a single morning

This time in 27 days I should be just about 20miles into my marathon (yes I'm being possessive) I'm typing watching the those hammering the streets of London with an odd mix of awe and hope. Awe that so many people are just as mad as me, and hope that if some of those can do so can I.

It was also good to see Jamie, with his parents, on TV - James is blind and I first met him when he was learning to climb at my local climbing wall... I then met him as he over took me on the Liverpool Half Marathon, one of the few times I haven't grumbled when I've seen someone elses heels move in front of me.

So I'm hoping when I see him next that he'll have finished his 41st marathon... and I'll have done my first.

So that's the inspiration... the sensible - I'm giving my hip a rest, I'll climb gently mid-week just to stop it seizing but nothing else until next weekend.

Someone the other day asked how does my heart effect my running, I'm not a medic or a physiologist but the simple answer from me is that I'm less efficient than those with a standard issue ticker - my cardiovascular system just doesn't get up to speed quickly and where it gets to is a lower return for the effort... The best example is when I run in the heat, to pump out the heat my heart will be working harder even when just power walking, so whereas I'm normally working hard when I'm running the extra means I'm red lining it. Which isn't a good thing for a distance run.

So if you know any good rain dances save them up, I'm going to need coolness for Edinburgh to get near my target time...




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