Overhalfway... Now the hard work begins!!!! And thinking about the "legacy thing"

A decent 5 mile run at lunchtime, didn't feel like I was pushing it and only walked 450min in the total (I do include 2 pigs of hills in the route)... the result - my 5th fastest 5miler ever, at 62min and 55s...


And so the halfway mark was passed, and the stupid grin on my face through my meeting this afternoon at very least put others at some uneasiness:-)

So half down, with over 200 days to go... Almost 3 weeks ahead of schedule - not it gets hard, I need to duplicate my best ever half-marathon training and keep going after it to take it up to the full marathon distance - those 3 weeks are going to be needed to cover the inevitable injuries, colds and "I can't be bothered" weeks.

It also means that I can start thinking about what next - and how to pass this year on - does anyone want to pick up the baton and do a challenge next year? What should I do?

Oh well, 6 and a half months to work that out!




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