The World Record and World Cup are going to a recount - but nationwide awareness of CHD has begu

Well, 3 days after the run and there's a recount - 240 santas between Las Vegas and Liverpool... Who will win? How many santas are out there... - 240 santas in 7000! Too Close to call!!!

However, in other more exciting news the co-operative bank runs a competition for "Fundraiser of the Year", which one of the GUCHs I know decided I should be put in for. Now I didn't win, but they did like the tale told so much that they decided to include me in their "Its your community" magazine.
The other two winners are the sorts of people I find inspirational so even to be on the same page as them is, for me, a huge acheivement.

The next big target is the 500km mark, which will be soon... The marathon training starts shortly and things are looking good for an entertaining new year!




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