Busy Busy Busy... and awaiting to hear if I'm a world Champion....

Hi all,

apologies this is the first blog in the best part of a fortnight.... Work has been work-like and interfered with my social life... Not something that happens too often, but when it does it does and I try and make the best of it - so a gentle 5miler around Cardiff http://connect.garmin.com/activity/20046815

Add in the 5km around the local park, and the just under 5km santa dash today (http://connect.garmin.com/activity/20146807) and a good solid week, which is where I wanted to be with 167 days until the Edinburgh Marathon

The plan for the rest of December is to start building up the distance, slowly and steadily, so that I can start taking on longer and longer runs...

However, that's tomorrow and today is all about looking like this:




  1. Oh, I sent this instead of Xmas Cards... A bunch of us at work club together and buy "inspired" gifts instead of cards - so exercise books, pencils and porridge...

    I've walked to the top of England and Wales, and walked over 100km down the Thames...
    I've ran along the banks of the Mersey, the Tyne, the Taff... and the Thames
    I've eaten too many posh dinners... At the top of the BT Tower, in Canary Wharf and in both the Houses of Parliament... Which are on the Thames...
    I've been in the local papers, twice... For wearing a giant heart and standing on a plinth... Near the Thames
    I've dressed as snow white, complete with fishnets and a wig... in a hotel near the Thames
    And tried to learn to swim... But not in the Thames!!!


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