10 Miles run:-D No breaks:-) Arctic conditions!!! Oh and Xmas food that was edible!

Well, the 50o-odd km seems to be doing some good - always (with a couple of 5km's and 1 5miler as the exceptions) I've had to run/walk any distance... However, today I did 10miles, no stopping no walking breaks:-)

Now, at times I was jogging slower than I can walk, but given the conditions underfoot...... I'm more than happy!

It did snow for good lengths, and wasn't an easy task... However, it felt damn fine!

Speaking of fine I've had that rarest of things a Xmas meal with very, very good food - duck terrine, followed by a genuinely rare steak and excellent cheese!

While running today I tried to answer a question posed by a mate of mine - what's the difference between running, walking and climbing as sports... I'm hoping he was being literal, cos my brains is off on a metaphysical bent... of which more during the week!




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