That was the walk that was...

I enjoyed that, I've a few blisters and the dull tiredness of someone whose done a lot. 

I said I'd need to gain a few extra miles to make it up to the hundred... I managed that walking to the starting pen of the GNR - we're now doing 15 miles... That's without the hike to the bus stop and back... The extras on the GPS come from route detours, of which there were two, and the walk to the hotel - which as its in Stanwick is on the site of one of the biggest Roman wall forts.

My poor little Fitbit ran out of juice for the last day - fortunately my lovely phone has a pedometer built into the chip so the numbers could be lifted...

On the GPS its 163.9 km - which comes out at 101.8 miles

On the Fitbit its 201.1 km - which comes out at 125 miles

Both mean I did what I aimed to - be in the run with a million finishers, and I was about 200 m away from the millionth person so saw the ensuing madness and also do a hundred miles in 4 days.
In pictures:

A warm GNR

One of very few bilingual stations in the UK

A classic view...


Me & Wall!

Another Classic View

Sycamore Gap - proving Morgan Freeman wrong

The end of the day's rollercoaster

This is the view of the gorgeous Northumberland National Park from the highest point on Hadrian's Wall!

The Day got better

Almost too good

Carlisle tries...

A hammer...

The Solway plain

Finem ambula
Would I do it again - probably, but I'd spend a day doing stuff rather than the slog out to Bowness. Sorry Bowness, its not you its me honest ;-) I'd also probably detour to some of the other sites along the way. 

Would I recommend it - yes, but think about the number of days - the guidebooks have itineraries ranging from my 4 days, through to 8... Pick something that suits you...

As for adding the GNR - I'd not presume to recommend that additional fun.  But my caravan is booked for next year and there's St Cuthbert's or St Oswald's Ways to do in the same area... Yes, I'm planning 2015 already!

 My feet still need to soak, but other than that I'm in good shape... Just need to find the next challenge...



ps all the pics were taken with that lovely phone of mine... Lumia 1520, you rock!


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