The post marathon post

Did it, finished it, completed it, got the T-shirt, got the medal... as ever heard the spinning of my PE teachers (and a few cardiologists) in their graves as someone with Fallots dared to believe they could try, and complete, a marathon... or two, or three...

The race itself wasn't particularly good, those ultra-supportive of the company that puts these runs on in Liverpool will say that its was the first time and there's bound to be teething trouble... Which is acceptable to a point, that point is when they forget some of the field...

What makes runs great, and I've checked with some others, isn't the pace of the front runner (unless they truly are one of the greats) is the heart and sheer guts of the last ones across the line. The 3+ hour half marathoners, the 7+ hour marathoners. Treat these people as you would the champions, the winners, and all will feel great.

I will always be a back of the pack runner, and I've been the last one across the line in races, and I know the great runs are the ones I will come back too year after year not just because of the chance to run, but for the fact they treat all runners the same.

So, I've a few days off the running... A gentle climb tonight loosened the worst of my legs, and I'll have a sports massage on Thursday before an afternoon long climb on Friday.

I've also kept a promise to myself and asked the gym manager to help me work up a personalised plan... Once he's got his head around the heart condition and the diabetes we'll see how that goes!

In all of its horrible majesty:




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