Week off over... Now the forward look...

The job now is to carry on, not to do what I did after the Edinburgh Marathon and rest on my laurels and loose the gains I'd made (that 2:30 half marathon is tantalising close).

The week has been one of rest, stretch, recuperation, sports massage (thanks Gina, it hurt but helped!), climb (as a stretch - and push the grade at a 6b top rope) and do a gentle walk.

So this week I carry on; trying to get out at lunchtime at work for 5km or 5miles, pushing the climbing, get a doctor's note so I can get a personalised programme at the gym (I love the insurance industry), and generally keep it up.

The aim? Well, I always said that this would be a year of challenges, and dear friend has thrown the weight loss one into the mix - to be fair I asked them to help - as a stone off before the Belfast Marathon would be rather useful.

And there's a couple of runs I'm looking at... As I seem to have all the abilities at swimming as a block of concrete tri's don't float my boat - so fell running and ultra's it is... Something like a gentle fell run in the Peaks, and a 50km run as an Ultra...

So off I toddle, one foot in front of the other... when I've booked the runs I'll let you know.

Oh, someone recently asked what I do to relax...
Well, the exercise is relaxing - I do have a rather busy day job as well as of all this fun... But when I do get a couple of spare hours I do like playing with my camera!




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