From tears to Teddy Bears Picnics!

Time moves on, the immediate pain subsides and become a dull ache, bit like tearing a muscle.. in this case my heart and the hearts of all of those who knew Charlie especially his wife, children and family.

Time moves on, lives focus more on what could be than what we have lost...

This week is Children's Heart Week, the Children's Heart Federation are coordinating events around the country, and a Teddy Bear Takeover at the East Midlands Designer Outlet, Mansfield Road, South Normanton, Derbyshire, DE55 2JW.

The outlet is here -

The Children's Heart Federation can be found in the Food Court at the following times;

  • Thursday 13th May 2010 from 1pm-7pm with a children's colouring competition drawn between 6-7pm.
  • Friday 14th May from 10am-5pm
  • Saturday 15th May from 10am-4pm with a teddy bears picnic from 12pm-2pm
Other events can be found here:

The finale to the week is the Teddy Bear's Picnic in Fulham Palace, London

As for me while the Heart Children around the country are tucking into their teddy bear picnics the runner with heart will be slipping on his trainers and getting ready for his last run before the Edinburgh Marathon...

The Great Manchester Run winds through the streets of Manchester that Paul knows well from his walking marathon last month. As a lifelong Arsenal fan passing Old Trafford is never nice, but worse than that I'm, missing the chance for tea and cake with my teddy bear!

The training this week has mainly been long slow walks, keeping the tone but not depleting the muscles too much, with the occasional run... Like today's 5miler, as I've mentioned its not a nice course... but I stuck to it, ran out the 2km and walked the 500m moderately hard and my prize a PB:-) 56:40 is over 3min off the fastest for the course, and it felt a lot better than that time...




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