6 days to the Edinburgh Marathon - Giraffes and Dragons slain - 1400km - Manchester 10k

I have a personal enemy... an 8ft tall giraffe... for as long I can remember they've been doing the Great North Run... Normally starting well in front of me and trying to keep up as I go past... To be fair they're carrying a giraffe costume, but this is about passion not fairness...

Anyway, the giraffe has moved west, and was in the Great Manchester 10k... and ate dust after about 1500m...

Obviously they have no idea they've caused this competitive edge in me...

The Dragon, I was trying to help - the tale and wrapped around last runners legs and she asked if I could pull it and get it clear... Unfortunately it sort of turned into a tourniquet come razor wire thing... Oppps:-(

But a PB was run:-D

and the 1400km has been bought up:-D

Which leaves me 6 days to rest, relax, short run on Tuesday, and carbo-load... Train to Edinburgh on Saturday, and yes I am getting nervous!

To finish with a question... For a final flourish, would you all join me (virtually or really...) its been a hell of a year, 11 months are almost gone and I've a plan to make the final month a little bit special, but I can't do it on my own.

Don't worry its not too active... Interested?




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