The much delayed Great North Run Blog!!!!

The much delayed Great North Run Blog!!!!
Sorry all, the laptop has been playing up hence the lack of a post - that and scurrying around the country for meetings for my paid employment.
The Great North Run is great - the sight of the Red Arrows swooping over your head at both the beginning and at the end is magic, the locals handing out sweets, biscuits and drinks out of their own pockets is just so nice and most of all the 53,999 other runners are a humbling group of people to run with.
If you only want to do 1 half-marathon, if you're not bothered in the time you do it, and you can get in then this is the half-marathon for you. Its not a PB course, its got too many long nasty hills and far too many people for that. And that's fine this is a run you do for your enjoyment(!) and to do it. You do need a sense of humour, being overtaken by a giraffe/a push-me-pull-me get up, or even a quarter sized angel of the north can have an impact on your ego (the giraffe probably doesn't know this but I've been running her down for the last 6 years!!!!)
I said elsewhere that I don't run well in the heat - and it was a scorcher - the temperature hit 20 degrees and it was blistering sunshine - almost literally as the photo below shows - apologies to anyone reading the blog over food!!!!

So 21km added to the total, plus a 5km walk to make my legs move on the Monday evening... Tonight is swimming, tomorrow climbing, Friday a leaving do and I'll need to do something on Sunday as the weekend after is the Liverpool 10 km, lets hope its colder!!!


  1. Well done but hell's teeth Paul < spits tea onto keyboard > - no sunscreen then?


  2. Hi,

    sunscreen??? IN an ideal world yes, but I sweat like a pig in a sauna so it'd have not stayed on for long anyway!!!




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