Ruddy Typical

Well the week off has been had (off = 1 swimming lesson and 1 hard climbing session) so I should be up and raring to go for a decent 5 miler as prep for the Liverpool 10k next Sunday.

However, for no apparent reason my right ankle feels like its been stomped on... My right ankle is the dodgy one from a trip a couple of years ago when leading the GUCH Walking Club along Hadrian's Wall - the best advice I can give is if you heavily twist an ankle walking another 70miles is not the best thing you can do...

Ho Hum, so I thinking it'll be a power walk today, and a hard 5k mid week - which is way behind what I should be doing to get ready for a 10k, and indeed the 3km a day that I need to do for this little bit of madness...

Add to the mix I'm peeling from the GNR run next weekend, and I'm not the happiest bunny in the hutch. However, we'll see how the ankle is later and see if I feel its worth taking a risk on it.

Oh, if anyone is interested in the route I'm doing its here:




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