There's a me shaped indent in the beach...

The nightrunner series on the face of it is a little bit mad....

Take a trail or fell run... Take some runners... Make sure they have headtorches... wait until after dark... and let them go!

The most local one of these to me was yesterday on Formby beach, part of the Sefton dune system.  During the day I'd be (in warmer weather) looking out for Natterjack toads, a local speciality and a national rare species.

In February, any self-respecting toad is going to be hibernating and the local wildlife was best described as human (probably) and gobby (definitely) AKA scallies... Their dulcet tones greeted us during one stage of the run.

There were three distinct types of terrain I either ran on, jog/stumbled on or walked through slowly... That'll be trails, the beach and sand, deep sand!  On the trails I was keeping up with the group of friendly runners I'd started with at the back of the pack, on the beach I was doing fine until I went flying... Splat... I tripped over a washed up brick... Dusting (sanding?) myself off and plodding along was the order of the day, until the next brick... Ho Hum!

The soft sand was a nightmare, I sank in it... often up to my ankles, adding to the fun, honest;-)

My vague target was something around 65 min - I was allowing 10min for the terrain and for the night running thing... 67:50 was the final scores on the Garmin's doors, so I'll live with that:-)

The cold and lurgy finally seem to have shifted, my evidence is my appetite is not longer on hyper-drive and I'm irritated that because tomorrow is complicated I won't be getting to the gym first thing!  Hey ho, such is life...




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