Progress... A tail of three Mad Dogs

I love the Mad Dog 10k...

It's early enough in the year that I don't put myself under too much pressure... And at just the right point to give me an indication for the half, full and Ultra's to come.

It's also a crackingly well organised run, all for charity as well!!!

The Garmin does provide some simple analyticals - and when I look across the years I smile, and frown...

The smile, I'm quicker than I was last year. 

The frown - if I'd run the last 2km of last year I'd have been knocking on the door of a PB... Bugger... However, by that point I'd had to stop to drink and eat... Running with a blocked nose may be possible, and up to 5km seemed good (hell a 30min 5km is good!)... Trying to drink, and run at the same time, is not such a good idea... I did wheeze, and I did try and breathe water, and I did go red!

Ho hum...

Positives - I was faster than last year... It was cold, I had a cold, I finished and I got a cracking t-shirt and stunning medal:

Right enough navel gazing, I've a half marathon in Cambridge to get ready for, and an offroad marathon... Both in March... Hmmmm....


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