Going loopy in The Lakes

I booked this trip back in December...

Two night, 3 trips out...

I thought it would be a chance to practice my winter walking skills and if I was lucky get some endurance training in...

So much for the Great British Winter...

Friday night - cool and damp, wet for periods

Saturday - Glorious, dangerously glorious

Sunday - dank and overcast

My plans changed with the weather - Friday night became a 10 mile trot around Derwent Water - mostly offroad, rough trails and slippy boardwalks.  Not fast, but it was a night run by the time I finished.

Saturday was all about control - the weather was stunning, the hills were almost empty.  It would've been the easiest thing in the world to carry on walking, but I'd started to encounter ice on the trails around Catbells, and I was walking on my own... So I did the sensible thing and ducked down to see somewhere I never had before - Newlands Church, and very pretty it was too!

Sunday was a power walk to the top of Latrigg, a lovely little hill and then a jog down the over side and along the railway track back to Keswick.

Throw in decent food, a decent Youth Hostel, a gratuitous attempt to keep the Keswick shops open singlehandedly (most was stuff I knew I needed, some was a result of planning while running) and an excellent weekend.  The only down (other than it ending) was losing my fitbit:-(

Totals = 45km along, 1342m up & down in 10h worth of doing stuff... For the imperials - 28 miles & 4400ft

Oh, and my diabetic eye test came back good:-) A rather good weekend then!




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