Comfort Blankets, Colds & Popcorn

We all have them, those little things which we do... and if we don't do we feel off, odd or just not right!

For me its the strapping on of the Garmin watch, seeing the satellites lock on, and the heart rate drop (its the relaxation I do as I get ready for a run) and then going...

Which is a right pain at the moment... My 310XT watch is back at Garmin.  For reasons best known to itself it has decided its 2007, and probably unrelated one of the buttons has stopped working.  Garmin customer services, are as good as ever, and a new one should be heading my way for the weekend. 

Fortunately, the duffness of the watch has coincided with a cold, so following the entirely sensible advice I've ratcheted down the exercise... Which is beginning to get on my wick... However, the cold seems to be dying down, the walk and the clambering today didn't have a negative impact. 

So a gentle gym session in the morning, and probably a climb in the evening... Tuesday is a long day to London and back for a meeting...

However, I do have a new snack - work's coffee shop have started stocking savoury popcorn, but as so often what they considered "hot" was a mild tingle... It also wasn't cheap... So for the price of 1 packet I've a huge amount of popping corn, and some more entertaining flavours... Peri-Peri to start:-D

So, hopefully the new watch will be with me mid week, just in time for me to be hitting the miles for the run in to the 1st of the marathon...




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