Me... a poetry anothology? must be course work...


part of my OU course on poetry is to create an anthology of poems, culled from an anthology of animal orientated poetry...

The Bear - Frost (p23 - 24) beautiful imagery, hidden in a simple rhyming structure (though the repetition of Greek amuses, its as if he runs out of words)

Blue Moles - Plath (p39 - 40) more beautiful imagery, though perhaps vivid would be a better description

I have a Gentle Cock - Anon (p 126 - 127) made me laugh, and the switch between the straight description of the animal and then innuendo of the last line is stunning:-)

On a Dog of Lord Eglinton's - Burns (p188) the simile of a dog's life is pointedly made

Widgeon - Heaney (284) - Euwwww

In the Introduction to the Book of Beasts, the anthologist describes anthologists as despots, and maybe I am... My anthology is based on what attracted me in a single scan read through. So they tend to be shorter, punchier and cause an immediate emotional reaction - be that a smile in Frost description of the Bear's "fundamental butt", or the heart wrenching imagery of the dead moles by Plath. I have a Gentle Cock appeals (I freely confess) to the school boy in me, and from the last line, where you go from a description of a cockerel to something far more suggestive, I suspect the long forgotten author as well.

Burn's use of simile struck me as pointed and poignant - and I could imagine the same thoughts going on behind the soft brown eye of a hunting dog looking across a hall at the human animals around the piste.

And Heaney, well the idea of using the windpipe of a half dead bird as a flute is always going to cause an emotional reaction...

So a completely different blog from normal... It even gets a bibliography...

Muldoon, P. (Ed) (1997) The Faber Book of Beasts. London. Faber & Faber




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