Going Ultra...

A promise to a number of beautiful ladies (Ladies, I'm expecting sponsorship for that one ;-))...

The big events so far signed up for for 2012...

Excalibur Marathon - a 26.2 mile challenge walk (my companion in arms for this one a) denies I ever said it was a marathon and b) swore a lot when I suggested jogging any of it c) needs to man up... ;-)) - 12 hours time limit, 4600ft of up and down - 31 March

Belfast Marathon - a normal 26.2 marathon - 7 May

Nottingham Ultra - a 31mile ultramarathon - 7 Oct

These are the big ones, there's the usual scattering of 10ks and local runs that I'll do for fun, and enjoyment. Doesn't mean I won't push myself, does mean I won't jeopardise the overall fitness on one of these runs.

My training for the 1st 2 is going to overlap, and then provides the springboard for the 3rd. All of my distance runs (anything over a half) are based on a simple strategy - first distance then speed.

The best advice I was ever given was always protect the Long Slow Run (LSRs) - normally Saturday morning in my case. Given the walk done today (still recovering from a head cold) I should be jumping back in around the 10 mile mark - we'll find out in a couple more days.

Flat fitness won't cut it this time, and although the 1st is a walk (probably ;-)) I'm going to need to mix up the LSRs with some hefty walking to keep the up and down going as well...

So, how am I going to piece this together - January is a good example:

Every week -
Mon am - Gym for Pre-hab & Strength work - (5:45-7am)
Mon eve - Climbing (couple of hours)
Tuesday - up to 10km at lunchtime
Wed am - Gym for Pre-hab & Strength work - (5:45-7am)
Wed eve - Climbing (couple of hours)
Thurs - up to 10km at lunchtime
Fri - rest
Sat - LSR
Sun - Rest/shorter rehab run/walk

The LSR will get mixed about - so the weekend of 7/8 Jan I'm in Eyam in the Peak, so depending on the weather I'll either find a hill to run up on the Saturday, or if the weather's bad I'll walk up it. The following weekend I'm leading a group on a nice walk e.g. not too arduous and with a cafe (which hopefully will be open) in Delamere, so the Sunday will be the LSR.

So, 2 days rest a week, a maximum of 3 runs a week (OK, possibly 4, but normally its 3), with strength and cross training built in as a diversion, and to keep me amused. I've also got my sports therapist booked in for a good session getting the kinks out of my legs every other month, and some very useful friends (when you've a top 20 in the world tri-athlete sitting on the next bank of desks you do tend to pick their brains, while being a little in awe of their determination and fitness).

For those who worry, there is a small cadre of friends who make no bones about reminding me I'm mortal and will insist I sit the feck down for a week if they can see I'm carrying injuries or burning out. My cardiologist is also aware of (most) of this and has seen a 24 tape (Holter) for the climbing, walking, running and a heart rate trace for up to and including marathon distance...

And that's the plan, as with all plans there will be times where it doesn't survive contact with tarmac or hill side.

Hard as it may be for anyone whose seen me joke about what I do, there is a fair amount of sports science going on behind the scenes, and even some common sense...

And on that terrifying note...



ps... Today:


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