and for 2012?

It wasn't meant to be a thousand miles in 2011...

My stated aim at the begining of the year was to do 100km a month, coming in at 1200km - 745miles... A good loading for anyone, and one I wasn't sure I was going to make given the various competing pressures for my time.

But with 11 miles and c24h to go, I think I'm going to make it... I'll go for a stroll this evening and then tomorrow walk along another section of a new
Long Distance Path - the Wirral Circular Path. This bit will take in industrial archeology, Napoleanic defenses, battles of the US Civil War and finish near one of my favourite nature reserves - Hilbre Island.

This thousand hasn't been quite as structured as the last one, which has meant when it became a possibility I was left with more miles than I normally would've wanted to do in a month. November was the crux - and the challenge for £40 to do 4 w of 40km for my 40th. That bought me to within 140 miles of that thousand... Just under 5 miles a day every day, come rain, come shine, come head cold...

It's not been easy, but I am chuffed I've almost done it... 1000 miles...

What that doesn't include is walking to work, or trips to the corner shops, or trips to get stuff after a days walking... a rough estimate for those would an extra 500km

Which brings me to next year, there is an obvious distance challenge, in kilometer form (I'm not completely insane!) of 2012... But that will mean I need you to give me money, well not me - give it to a cause close to my heart - the Donate Here button works or click here -

This year is about my fight with the inevitable aging process and defying my mid year crisis... an extra 250 miles in a year

So cough up, while I'm still at leave of my senses...




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