I don't like bullies... I do like running

This blog will never be read by the people who should read it...

I gave a talk on CHD on Wednesday night, and the topic of bullying came up...

I don't like bullies... I never have I never will...

Bullies don't have discussions, or even arguments, they make statements and if you don't agree with them you are either frozen out of the group or attacked.

Bullies attack people, they don't discuss ideas and come to a consensus or an agreement to disagree, they just attack.

Some are trolls (in the online sense) who are trying to get a reaction, others are just dogmatic and so convinced they are right no other argument has the right to be heard.

Bullies will cite the rules, but not even consider what they're claiming applies equally to them.

Bullies come in all sizes and shapes, some use emotional blackmail, some try to threaten, some are just unpleasant...

The best way of handling bullies, in my experience, is first realising what they are and then employing whatever range of techniques work best for you... You're within you're rights to just walk away, if you feel you have to engage then do so with compassion and even pity... They may not know how bullying they look and sound.

And always, always remember all bullies are scared of something... And it's probably you, or what you stand for.

So never, ever even think about not being you. Never, ever let them change you, stand tall, be you and let them bring it one, because every time they do they just confirm how scared they are of you!!!

Rant over - running stuff!!!!

I ran up a bloody big hill!!! Win hill in the Peak District! OS mapping says it was a shade under 9 miles and 1500ft of up (and down).

It was also a hot day, so I'm seriously pleased. I didn't run up all the hill, it was more of a very fast shuffle but I was going at my usual walking pace for the flat, going up!! Down was a confidence thing, getting used to letting my legs just roll down the hill, letting my ankles bounce off rock.

Was it hard? Hell yes! Do I want to do it again?? Hell yes!!!

Miles to do over the weekend! Not sure the naan bread counts as carboloading but the curry was damn good!




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