Countdowns and a request for challenges!

Countdowns tick on and on...

12 days to my 20 miler (I'm doing 2 x 18 and 1 x 20)

13 days to the Nun Run - 5k dressed as Nun

16 days to my annual check up

20 days until the Great North Run - the world's largest Half marathon, just me and 54,000 friends out for a jog;-)

40 days until the Liverpool Marathon - running from one side of the Mersey to the other, with about 12,000 of my friends - through the tunnel, past the brewery and a finish next to a world heritage site... Just hope they don't run out of T-shirts...

62 days until I'm 40... Deary me, 40, how did that happen! Seriously, given the chances I've been given at various points in my life to reach 1 year, 16, 21, 30 reaching 40 is a little strange... and doing it while being as fit as I've ever been is making me grin like a loon!

More than one of my friends has asked what insane stunt I'm going to be doing during my 40th year, and to be honest I'm not sure... As I've done more and more the insane seems less and less insane... So the Fellsman 60 miles across Yorkshire in 24 hours seems a challenge rather than barking, the Edale Skyline train tun looks like hard work, but do-able...

Some of my big challenges are still there - learning to swim... new lessons found, might try them out this week.

But as for a big challenge for the year, I don't know... I'm open to suggestions... So feel free to make suggestions - my only "rules" - I normally fund events myself so I might not be able to afford to do everything, I do have to work for a living which might limit my time and occasionally my cardiologist does shake his head and suggest I maybe should do something different...

So knock yourself out!



ps grumbling half marathon yesterday

And the week before a decent 18 miler


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