Who the hell do you think you are...

Went the general gist of the question... By email... from someone who took umbrage at something I'd said about Safe and Sustainable...

My response was to confirm I'm not a parent, but have seen more congenital heart kids than most non-medics. I'm not a doctor, but my degree and postgrad are biology based and I've spent 8 of the last 15 years tearing science apart and rebuilding it to test it for veracity.

And most of all - I do care. To argue for the best care isn't saying one centre is better than another, isn't saying one configuration is better than another... Its to argue for the best care. And again I have to say read the documents, make the arguments based on something, anything, but don't attack those who have a different point of view or whose point of view is that this process has been overdue for 10 years, so lets get a bloody welly on - we owe that to the kids of tomorrow!

Rant over...

Anyway, it did make me think who the hell am I...

- I'm a civil servant (cut me down the middle and Northcote & Trevelyan pop out)

- I'm a GUCH (but no longer a volunteer for GUCH PA - for their own confused reasons)

- I'm a trustee of CHF (yup, not just a pretty face)

- I'm a scientist (that's what the letters after my name say)

- I'm a disabled networks ambassador (I'm sure its a Klingon form of ambassadorial role - http://katenashassociates.com/disabled-employee-networks/news/leading-the-way)

- I'm a marathoner (slow) and member of these guys http://ironheartracing.com/

- I'm a climber (getting there)

- I'm potentially irritated by my credentials being challenged... (no, really... did inspire an entire blog post)

- I'm a Member of the Order of the British Empire (ohh, I do like that one... makes some others go a little green in the eye department)

- I'm a walker

- I'm getting ready to be a student again, arts & history this time, thank you OU for letting a hard corescientist play with Faust and poetry...

and most importantly I'm me...

the usual ragtag mixed bag of confusions and inanities that make up any human being... What I'm not, nor I hope ever will be, is a push over who take crap without responding to it... I think that constitutes a warning... or a promise;-)

Apart from all that cobblers, its been a bit hot, but I've still managed to get out and do some serious miles, when walking with a full C2C load and when running with half an eye on my heart rate to make sure I'm being sensible... well sensible for me.




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