Personal Bests, long walks and GUCHs

It's been a week...

Give a presentation to new people to my work - no pressure, just try and sell them on what we want our culture to be, rather than what they might think it is...

Have a promotion interview (only for 6 months, but you got to go for these things), result on Monday...

Run a 10km personal best... And crack a personal challenge I set myself years ago - the 70 min 10km... Which I did:-) Not by much, but I think a psychological blockage may have shifted. I'm looking forward to the challenge again, taking my running apart and rebuilding parts of it from the ground up - revisiting my mental mantras, checking my posture and basically seeing what I can do.

Walk over 13 miles with the GUCH Walking Club, returning to an old favourite though a art we've not done before - the Thames Path, from Radley to Eynsham.

The whole point of the GWC is to enjoy the countryside, to take part in some exercise and enjoy each other company - and that's what we did. 3 of the gang have signed up for marathons and all of the gang will be doing a multi-day walk in the summer so this longer than normal stretch was a good tester.

So after a prolonged journey home, a long soak and a huge grin - overall its been a good week



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