Hi-Tec Cascadia - First Proper Walk

Everyone whose heard me rant on about the poor level of service in helping choose boots, trainers or any other form of technical footwear will know I'm a bit of a stickler for making sure boots fit and do what they say on tin.

So taking the boots kindly donated by Hi-Tec out on a 13 mile walk as their first major outing was bordering on the unfair, before the walk I'd worn them around the office and decided that they were a little high volume for my feet. So I found some of the Hi-Tec memory foam replacement insoles and was ready to go...

The measure of a good pair of boots (and a good backpack) is that you don't notice them, either during the walk or after it. So 13 miles on riverside paths, in the unseasonally hot April was a good test of the pounding effect (did my feet feel tired), overheating (sweaty feet can result in blisters) and annoyance (how many times did I have to retie the laces, fiddle with the sock tops etc)...

The great news was my feet felt fresh, no tiredness, didn't seem to overheat and I can't remember doing my laces up once.

So, so far 10/10... Next challenge comes up on Sunday - a trip to the Lake District and hopefully some wet weather to check the grip, and waterproofing:-)




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