Honestly its all about honesty....

Why do your runs go up on Facebook and Twitter? Started the conversation... You know what you're doing, why do you share?

It keeps me honest, if its a good run I share knowing that it'll raise a smile and if its a bad run I'll get some support...

It also deals with some less pleasant things... Those who don't believe that I do what I do (apparently I can't because of my heart) and those who think I exaggerate (never clear if this is exaggerate my heart condition or what I run, or the pace I run).

I can provide PDFs of my operation notes... My phone uploads the rough distances and calorie burn from the cardiotrainer app and then I can upload the detail, inc heart rate, from the Garmin GPS watch... Which shows when I may have pushed it a bit too much...

Like I may have done at the start of this... However, things soon settled down... So there it is an honest blog about a run I honestly did, honest



PS if you've seen the ad's don't worry, I won't profit... Any monies raised will go to CHF


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