every boys dream

I'm Bond!!! Well almost, my race number for the Liverpool Half has come through as 1007... Which is close enough to 007 that it'll do for me... :-)

However, despite many suggestions I won't be running in a DJ & bow tie, let alone carrying a Walther PPK...

Ah well, delusions of being met on the finish line by a collection of stunning beauties with double entendre's for names might be useful to get through the difficult miles... That'll be miles 1 through 13... ;-)

Another week and more things have been tried out for the coast-2-coast... My washkit... Trust me, keeping yourself clean, and then dry, on a trail isn't the easiest of things especially when you're trying to keep the weight down. So no GHDs, hairdriers or large bottles of conditioner for me... My "luxury" items is a bigger than required super-absorbent towel, with leaves of soap and shampoo, seemed to work and all fit in a bag no bigger than a large apple:-)

2 good runs this week, a 5 miler over lunch and a 10miler today (Sunday)... Both were fast (for me) the 3rd fastest 5 miler and 2nd fastest 10 will do me with 3 weeks to go to the Liverpool Half!


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