It's been a while... A 2015 review in medals

As I've said in other places, it's been a poor year in running terms.  I started the year with a form of viral bronchial infection, moved through fighting my lack of umpph, then just as things were settling down I got sent flying by a berk on a bike and have ended up with a permanently scarred knee, and then as things were getting better again, an infected elbow. 

However, I managed to do all but one of my planned runs, and also fitted in two long distance paths - the Speyside Way and St Cuthbert's Way. 

Mad Dog 5: Game of Bones… The run with the same title as a porn version of Game of Thrones… It’s a classic, the run, not the film… 

Cambridge Half… The run with my mad friends and their mad friends – and they’re all lovely… as is the traditional scotch egg the day before the run, and free (non-alcoholic) beer at the finish

National Trust Night Run – the run was around a Tudor estate, and the medal glows in the dark… need I say more?

Liverpool Spring 10K – the first primrose yellow t-shirt of the year

Liverpool Rock and Roll 5k – a stadium finish, not a a sports stadium but a rock stadium :-)

Liverpool Rock and Roll Half Marathon – This is not a flat half, it is one of the best I’ve done though, and the second primrose yellow t-shirt… and complimentary beer at the finish (alcoholic)

The Remix and Encore medals – extra medals for running the pair of races, and for running them in consecutive years??? Get in!!!

Great North Run – what can I say, 45,000 runners, the Red Arrows, and a sun tan… more of a crispy Paul at the end!

The Colour Run Obstacle Course – great fun, injury avoidance almost impossible, lots of bouncy things to bounce on – and fellow runners to land on!

Beat the Reaper 10k – Want to be chased by a personification of Death? Do this run!

As you can see the medals are of variable quality... Yes that it rust on the Color Obstacle Run is only in a couple of months... The GNR medal is tinny, the Beat the Reaper, Spring 10k and MadDog much better than the size of the runs suggests, and the ultimate are the Rock and Roll ones - they are just awesome. 

And so the year ends and a new one begins... 

So far, I'm doing 10ks in Jan, Feb, March, a marathon in May, a half in August (I go international - Dublin - rock and roll, world rocker medal here I come).  I've also the Welsh leg of my ongoing challenge to do in Feb and Northern Ireland to plan.  For the first time in a long time I'm enjoying the runs, even in the wet and windy weather. 

So friends one and all, thank you all for your support and encouragement - being a (recreational) long distance runner can be lonely, but the comments and messages over the year do keep this one going.  

I hope 2015 was good, but know for many it wasn't, all we can hope for is the new year brings new hope and better things to make us smile.

TTFN, I've a bag to pack - the Peak District is calling:-)



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