Time for a race strategy...

One of the great things about the Rock and Roll Marathon series is they genuinely cater for all runners, unlike some where the half marathon pacers go 2:15 or faster they have some out to 3:00 and back markers as well - http://www.runrocknroll.com/liverpool/news/2015/05/cep-pacer-gallery/

Which gives me a dilemma:

Start and try and stay with the 2:30 pacers (Ange and Helen),


Start with the 2:45 pacers (Guy and Robbie) and try and have enough in the tank for a fast last 5km along the river...

Partly it will come down to the day.  Partly it will come down to how the horrendous first hill goes, if I'm moving easy and keeping steady up Upper Parliament Street then I'll keep with the 2:30.

Worst case scenario is blasting out (for me) with the 2:15 pacer and then watching the 2:30 & 2:45 go past...

Why not go for the PB?  Basically, cos to do that I'd be running faster than I have in the last month.  I should, being a race tart, get a bit of a lift - it's the ego thing, I have an audience!

Also its a curious thing about half marathons, I don't tend to get good training in for them, my two fastest have come off the back of marathon or ultra-training. So, going out to 13.1 for the second time this year, in much better shape than Cambridge, will be good.  That said Cambridge has two "hills" both bridges you have to get over... Liverpool is not fast and flat, but it is (well the Rock and Roll version) fun and also bling-tastic.

I'll be getting a medal for the half, and one for the 5km on the Saturday... and a medal for doing both... and a medal for doing the marathon last year and the half this... FOUR stonking medals!!!!

And two technical t-shirts... and a free beer... and music, around the course and at the after party!

So, I'm gently carbo-loading, I've a 5km tomorrow evening and then I rest... Well I'm off to the British Cardiovascular Society meeting as a patient "voice" and I have long days of meeting at work...

Then Friday is the Expo, pick up the race packs... Trot the 5km on Saturday morning... then David Sedaris on Saturday night... then run 13.1 :-)

It's easy when you say it fast and don't mention the dilemmas...




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