Now things get interesting...

Well, the race strategy worked, and my ability to judge things was tested and didn't fail.  The Rock and Roll Marathon Weekend in Liverpool was many things but flat and cool it wasn't.

A great fun 5K, racing a quintet of Disney Princesses and a large number of Elvis', complete with a stupendous arena finish with black lights and pounding rock music... It doesn't get much better than that!

Apart from it does...

Because after the 5k comes the main event - for me a half marathon... Liverpool Half Marathon's have a couple of interesting elements - mostly the hills, definitely the parks (and the humidity) and the headwind along the prom.  And yet, with bands blasting out at regular intervals, well stocked and volunteered water and fuel stations it was fun - and my fastest half in Liverpool by 5 minutes, and 10 minutes faster than the flatness of Cambridge.

What a difference training makes :-)

As an added bonus there was a pint of cider and the best, blingiest medals EVER!!!

And so after a busy week at work, and no running my thinking goes forward - the next big race is the Chester Marathon.  According the profile, and the views of friends who've run it it's flat. 
I have a two element plan - one build up to a single 20 mile run - looking at the stats from my other marathon training the second 20 miler added nothing, I know its meant to be a confidence thing, but I know I will finish, so this is just about getting fit and leaving plenty in the legs for the big day.
The second element is to get tough, my normal running routes aren't flat - they're in Liverpool but they're not the sort of hills I love to walk up - so when I hit the hills there'll be a run built in.  If I'm doing a multiday walk there'll be at least one hard-day.
So this weekend is the start, a weekend of walking, with a c8mile run in the morning on Sunday.
It won't be fast but it will be fun.


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