Situation normal... well normal for me...

As some people may have picked up I had a check up this week, to hear the results of the MRI, the 24h tape and the exercise test I had following the last check up.

Well, there are two sides to the data...

The MRI confirms the echo that I have severe pulmonary regurgitation... and also confirms there's no sign of anything getting worse since the last MRI (4 years ago).

The ECG shows very little change.

The exercise test says I'm as fit as a 43 year old without a heart condition.

And I've run a half marathon, a 10k and a night trail run so far this year and am back up to running three times a week.

So, the docs are going to have a case conference, and I'm in the same position as I've been for the last 27 years.  One set of data says there's a need to seriously think about open heart surgery to replace the valve and one set of data says leave well alone - he's running frigging marathons!

So, I shall wait for the docs to have their "Multi-Discipline Team" meeting and then we may have another chat, if that happens in the next six months great, if not my next check up is scheduled for the week after the Chester Marathon. Ok, between then and now I've got at least one 10k, a couple of half marathons and a long distance path or two, but that's normal.

So how did I celebrate this return to normality - in the only way I know how, a decent lunch followed by buying some running shoes...

As ever Natterjack Running did me proud, I tried four brands, six shoes... and the one's I loved I had to be dragged off the treadmill to stop me wearing them out.  I don't have particularly odd feet, I'm an heavy overpronator with mildly duck-like feet.  Given the miles I run minimalist shoes aren't very sensible, and I like a reasonable amount of ankle support.

So, the ones that won my hard earned cash...

Gel Kayano 21s... The upgrade from last years shoes.  The only thing I don't like?  The inner sole, which is fine I have a gently orthotic foot bed that fits :-)  And boy do they come in a bright colour

I can justify the literal glow-in-the-dark scheme by the number of times cyclists have almost taken me out... but really I just like they, they exude a glow as I run in the dusk that warms the cockles of my heart.

And despite my three a week limit for runs, I cracked in under 24h and took them out for a 5k... and it the fastest 5 k of the year, and a clear sign that things are progressing.  I paid for it on today's run - the hills were deeply unpleasant, but I run a lot more than I did even a fortnight ago.

Which is good news, I'm building up slowly to the Spring 10k and the Rock and Roll half in Liverpool to make them more enjoyable than the Cambridge Half and the Mad Dog (both runs I love, but I don't recommend doing either on bugger all training).

So new shoes, a new zip in my legs and a "hold until called" from the cardiologists all is good :-) So on with the OU essay and back to the miles... And it feels good to say that!




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