Dress for Exercise

Tomorrow, Monday, I get to do something new... an exercise test.

I wish I could tell you if I was walking, cycling or walking... But no one has told me.  All the information I have is that I should "Dress for exercise".

As I look at my boxes of technical gear I'm left in a bit of a quandary, do I go minimalist and turn up in skimpy shorts and a running vest. Or generic and a pair of tracksters and a technical top from one of my long runs. Or take the piss and turn up with full on winter walking gear, with a confidence rope over my shoulder and crampons and ice axe...

Why am I thinking of taking the piss?  I've campaigned too long and too hard for decent, patient orientated services for any of us to get a letter saying "dress for exercise".  If I could swim, I'd turn up in a wetsuit and snorkel.

Am I making too much of this, I don't think so - I have been asking for more information about this test since October.  I've checked the hospital website for some more information, there's not even a basic patient information leaflet.

I'm fortunate, if they stick me on an exercise bike I've trained enough on them not to be phased. If I'm on a treadmill and I'm running or walking then I've been there and done that.  Cross trainers and steppers the same.  However, I know I'm fortunate and would be worried for someone whose never used a bit of gym equipment before confronting this - the equipment can look, sound and feel uncomfortable on its own, and that's before they strap an o2/co2 exchange monitor on your face and stick ecg cables on your chest.

And as with my blog from earlier in the week, this isn't about complaining it about getting a good service and trying to ensure others get a better one. 

As for the results, well we'll see - but it does feel odd that I'm doing this and running...

As for what I'm going to wear - I'll be going climbing straight after so the generic approach will be taken; with a harness, chalk bag and carabineers - which I may jangle to make a point 

An irritated TTFN



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