? + ? = 26.2

I need structure... I need something that scares me just enough...

Half marathons are fun, enjoyable romps around cities...

Ultras are fun, in that gruelling, terrifying way that makes me laugh in that slightly mad way...

And then there's the Fellsman, that glorious insane quest that looms large every year and this year is not going to happen.

So, I need some base training for Fellsman 2016.

I need to get back to knowing that I have to put one foot in front of another, putting the last couple of months behind me and smiling as I do it.  I need a plan to follow and to challenge me to getting up and out three times a week.

October is a long way off, but close enough to feel real. 

It fits in with what I've got coming up - the fun run on Sunday, the start getting myself back into some sort of shape for Liverpool Half, then the long summer of long runs, the GNR will be perfect for the last flourish before the taper.  The planned walks are the toughening up...

So, I head to Chester in October, 26.2 miles.




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