London Week 4 - helping little old dears, the weather and fifths of dinner!

No plan survives first contact with the enemy.... Goes the quote, and mine often needs a fiddle here or there because the pesky day job intervenes, or I need to be elsewhere for my charity roles, and occasionally because I was out dancing the night before...

This week was one of those weeks, emails landing which required rapid responses... Trips to the Peak District to meet up with a team I work with, ok its not all bad;-)

The runs are getting better, the short in week ones are now just run - very little if any walking, I said a while ago it was a confidence issue and I'm glad I'm proving myself right, and annoyed that I don't have the ability to prove it to myself without having to run and run and run... It's a legacy of all the years I was told not to, and if it takes the same number of years to get rid of I should be ok by the time I'm 65...

Solid, nothing spectacular... Just what it should be:-)

As I started this run I heard a "Help", not a good sign... However, it was a little old dear, whose cat had fallen into the green-bin - I was running so really didn't want to try and work out how that happened... However, it was surprisingly docile as I lifted it out and handed it back... For people who don't know I hate cats, so my karma is good for months!

The Peak District trip gave me a chance for a stroll, I'd vaguely planned a 7 mile walk... However, the weather was deeply unpleasant...

The view from Solomon's Tower would be great on a good day, taking in all of Buxton and its surroundings.  However, it was a day to head down to the station and get home, via coffee!

Saturday was Burn's Night... And St George's Hall in Liverpool had a ceilidh, which as ever was good fun... The haggis portions were a bit stingy, no... very stingy... so seconds, thirds, fourths and if the plate count was to be believed fifths were the order of the day.    Yes, fifths... Stripping the Willow and other mad dances where you hurtle young ladies through space require a fair amount of energy, and did I mention the portions were wee... They were served on saucers!

Anyway, today was 16 miles... As I woke I could hear the rain and/or hail or both lash against the window.  One of the things that the fell jogging has bought is a selection of decent kit and a tendency to view weather as an unnecessary evil.... So with tip to ankle waterproofs on (I've some waterproof socks, but they don't really do long flat tarmac runs) I did a mental calculation and decided that for the first time this training plan I'd finish with a 5 mile run.  So 9km at 800run/200walk, 9km 900/100 and run the last 8 out.  
That may sound weird to people, why not run most, and fastest, at the start when you're fresh?  Well its two things for me, it gives me a proper warm up and also I was told by an old wise runner to train for the last mile... And so that's what I try...

And it seems to be working, I'm faster than I've ever been on comparable run - I've not done 26km before, but the closest  - a 25km before Brutal Belfast was 5 min slower (and a km shorter, yes I have to pinch myself, so apologies for the repetition).

This week is where the plan does get dabbled with - the in week runs for the next fortnight are similar (c10km speed work twice a week) what I am bringing forward is the 18miler by a week, as the plan has a 7 mile in it... that can be moved back a week - and I'll wear the CHF colours for the first time in 2014 at the Mad Dog:-)

Right, I have calories to replace!




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