London Training Week 3 - with poo and a mini-revew

Be warned, as well as running an entirely natural bodily function will be mentioned... and the kindness of strangers...

This was always going to be a big week mentally, the long run was the first of this set that was longer than a half marathon.  The first time work interjected and meant that I had to move a run by a day, and the first time for a while I went for a run after a night out.

The first run of the week was a gentle 4 miles.

Not a lot to say about it, apart from it was done.

The second run of the week, was a little more exciting.  Most people who have run have a poo story.  Sometimes its huge and you run away from the pub (Sarah's Blog - she's one of the running twitterati) other times its the running trots.  You're not sure where its come from but you need to go.  In my case I suspect the bread I had the night before, as I occasionally get bloating from wheat.  But when I needed to go I needed to go... And this run was along the dock road, not exactly an area renown for its public facilities or indeed bushes.  In desperation I ran to the security box at a gate, and with a pleading look in my eye asked the guard if I could nip into the porta-loo... I don't know if he's a runner, or whether I looked that pained, but access was granted and a weight came off my mind.

So, I probably could've been a few minutes quicker, but the three "fast" miles were maintained at or about the pace I was meant to...

So thank you Mr Security Guard, I'll not name you in case you get in trouble.  When I run, hopefully past, you will always get a cheery wave!

Saturday was a Burn's Night, the first of the two I'm going to, so with friends we demolished a pair of Haggis' (one veggie), half a tonne of cranachan, and most of Scotland's cheese production... A pint of heavy, some porter and some damn fine single malts may also have been consumed... and lets not mention the truffles...

So my brain didn't want to get up this morning, I laid in bed and played on my phone and then with heavy legs I got my arse into gear. 

God, the first 3km were hard work.  Then things got easier:-)  As I've been trying to do, this run was based on increasing difficult - first 11km were 800m run, 200 walk, then 6km of 900/100 and then 5km of run.  Doing a there and back means the first 2km is downhill... and the last 2km is uphill...

And I'm chuffed - my mental target was c3 hours, so 2:49:44 is seriously happiness inducing:-)


Shorts... I wear them for a long time... and chaffing is not nice. 

Finding a pair that don't was a long journey, and I used a lot of bodyglide and Vaseline in my quest... Then I saw some trail shorts, which have both a pair of compression shorts and an over short as well.  Unfortunately, Salomon trail shorts are on the pricey side...

Then I saw these from Nike - Shorts with a boxer brief.  The compression is very slight, but the boxers are long enough that they don't ride up and yes NO CHAFFING!!!  The little details help as well, the zipper is big enough to use when wearing gloves, but small enough that it doesn't rub when I've got a lumbar pack on.

So, a wide ranging blog - apologies for my bowels taking such a prominent role, but honesty is what I promised!




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