A Week:-(

Where to start?

It's been a crap week - Two of the GUCHs I've met through the various conferences died within 3 days of each other. Neither was expected.

My impotent rage at not being able to do anything, even being separated by many miles from those who I could at least hug, always drives me batty.  I can't wave a magic wand, I just hope those who need some love know there are waves of it coming from the UK. I said most of what I can at these times before This Game of Ghosts

Anything, and everything, else pales to insignificance against that backdrop. However, life goes on and that, for me, means another taper and more carboloading.

It's one of those bizarre things about the level of activity that I do I need to eat a lot, and may put weight on the week and a bit before an event.  It's not like a half marathon, I can't fudge it on a bowl of porridge and sneaky gel every 45 min.  I'm going to be pushing myself for the best part of 4 days, I should be burning c4000cals a day during the walking/running parts of the day, with normal calorie burn around it.

Which is why I'm porky at the moment, I'm not elite I don't have a team of nutritionists working out the balance of nutrients I need, all I have is half a brain and a fair amount of experience. I know my diet is normally ok, I have a passion for protein and a chronic craving for carbohydrates and I try and manage both.  What I need to make sure is I don't just pig out, this is about increasing and maintaining my glycogen levels.

It's also about giving my body time to recover - from the OMM Ultra and the accumulation of niggles leading up to that, so a fun 5KM (they threw paint at you!!!) a gentle 5km, and a reasonable amount of walking.  It's about being loose, its about being ready.

Where to finish?

Being a GUCH is all I know, I've been losing friends for as long as I can remember.  I know the emotional cycle I go through and where I need to watch that infamous temper of mine.  The downside of the love and support of our community is the risk that someone you care for will die.  Most of the time I know its worth it, this week... well this week its hard.




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