Undiscovered Country...

The Fellsman... 60 miles...

That's a long way.  Two and a bit marathons... Would be bad enough!

Then there's the hills...

11,000ft of them - roughly 3 Ben Nevis'

The kit list has been checked, and emails set to confirm bits of the that my befuddled brain couldn't work out - how many long sleeve tops do I need to take, including the waterproofs? Is it 5 or 6... How much insulation will I need for the night?

I've been event specific training, walking uses different combinations of muscles than running, carrying a specified kit list is always going to weight more than my more minimal set of kit for splashing and dashing.

And I'm scared.

Between my mate (whose made enough to sign up for this, in fact I think it was his idea) and me with a lot of hill experience, we've walk well as a pair and have strength in depth for something bits and bobs - we can both plan for England and also read a map on the fly. 

But this is something more than the 26 milers with c5000ft that we've done in the past.  This is one that'll go on through the night. All night... and through into the next day.

I just am going so beyond what I know I can do that it's almost unimaginable.  This is double the distance of my longest one hit event...

Right, head shook and gave myself a gentle rap on the noggin! Stop the negative spiral of thinking!

This is something that all of my runs and walks for the last couple of years can be said to be leading to.  I can run a marathon, I've done fell-run half marathons and ultra-marathons.  I may not finish this event, but anyone can get injured on any event. On fell runs there are time cut-offs, if we don't make it then we know what to do next time - get fitter, get faster.

Next time won't be next year - I've an appointment to finish a run on The Mall - London 2014 I will be there.  But that's next year, my focus is now on next Sunday - time to go and see what I can do.




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