These are not the hills you are looking for...

Well, that didn't go to plan...

We ballsed up.  We went off a mountain the wrong way, did casual checks and ended up 2 hours off the back of the pack and chose to stop there.

So we did Ingleborough, dropped down, finally confirmed location, turned around walked back up Ingleborough and walked to Hill Inn checkpoint.

We didn't do the basics we normally do so well - check, verify & confirm.

We were nanas...

Ok, we mucked up on a mountain where it was blowing horizontal snow in our faces.  We misjudged our route by about 300m and kept left instead of turn left.

We did do somethings right - as soon as we realised and could get a signal we called in to the events organisers and let them know we'd ballsed up.

We also couldn't let anyone sit on the hills just so we could carry on walking, so we called it at Hill Inn. And also agreed that we'd find someway of helping out to try and redeem our embarrassment.

Which is how we ended up in the kitchen of the Fellsman, on the night shift.  Helping the usual overnight expert we served more baked spuds than we could count, at a rough guess poured out over 150l of tea, and smiled at those who hopefully dropped out in less embarrassing ways or had completed the course. 

We prepped more bacon & sausage than I've ever seen before, invented a new method for cooking fried bread and basically did we could to help.

Then we went to Malham Cove to do a walk...

So we did get a lot tired - Saturday we were up at 5am for breakfast, bussed out to the start, walked Ingleborough (twice), and then grabbed a couple of hours kip before the kitchen shift from 22:30 until 9:30 on Sunday morning - a gentle walk around Malham followed by crashing at our hotel.

Yes we mucked up, but hopefully we redeemed ourselves enough that we'll be allowed back next year to try again... And if not more than one person asked that we got lost again - so we could help out:-)

A big thank you to the organisers, and we are ashamed enough of ourselves we bought each other mugs with maps of Ingleborough on so whenever we have tea we see the map we should've known.




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