That Awareness Thing

I'm in a national magazine again... Talking about those of us born with heart condition and running. My running throughout the year and the target for next year.

In one article I'm never going to cover all of my experience of CHD, let alone everybodies. I get about 350 words, so what is my target...

1) To get word out there we exist

2) To provide a link for anyone affected who reads the article - I know that works, people have got in touch after articles about their siblings, sons & daughters, grandchildren, cousins and themselves.
3) To show what can be done; with luck, perspiration, stubbornness and a little bit of hope.

As I repeatedly have said I don't expect anyone of my friends, dickey ticker or not, to enjoy what I enjoy - I freely admit I'm bonkers, and most people agree with me. If I can use that enjoyment to help get some of the word out there about us then so be it.

So what am I am I in this time - Running Fitness Magazine, as this month's Inspiring Runner.

Job done:-) It's got a description of Fallots, links to the Children's Heart Federation and my justgiving page - that's 1) & 2) covered and 3) well the journalist has made me sound more coherent about my running than I normally do on my own so all good:-)

So, all I've got to do is get some inspiration myself and get my arse into gear and start the winter training... I've 33 weeks until the summer's insanity, I know what it took to get me through 50km, 100miles... Well, more of the same.

But for these evening, presents to wrap and an essay to write.  Thank you to Running Fitness, I've never been a Christmas Centrefold before;-)




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