New toy... :-)

Sometimes a treat is needed, a luxury, something that you don't really need but want.

I could justify on my connected life being complicated, and instant access is useful. I could justify on the basis of the OU course... But really my new nexus 7 is a toy... A very useful toy, but still a toy:-)

Which is what I needed, something tangible to sit alongside 11 months of stunning running and walking as a celebratory toy, not another tool or bit of kit I'd use to destruction... Of course the first app I downloaded was a complete 1:50k set of OS maps... But you'd not really expect anything else... Would you? ;-)

I've been doing the non-running stuff for a couple of weeks, helping out at the CHF winter wonderland, meeting some lovely families and seeing Santa:-)

I've had my 1st, 2nd & 3rd festive dinners... Overcooked turkey is getting old already, and I like turkey!

The really good news, other than the toy, is my diabetes blood tests came back indicating good control :-)  especially as it only measures the previous 3 months and they were the worst 3 months for mild overeating and lowest mileage of the year :-)

There should be some awareness raising on chd this week, just awaiting it land on the shelves (I could have been bumped, so as soon as I know you will)

Oh, and this has been typed on the toy:-)




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