That wasn't easy... Nottingham Ultra - Finished:-D

But it started, had a middle, and an end...

My poor bright red shoes are a bit mucky...

My left knee is reminding me it got kicked not that long ago...

My thighs are agreeing with the OS map height gain for the distance (2700ft/840m)...

My grin hasn't stopped since I finished:-)

The run itself is blurring already, but what I remember is that at no stage did I have any wobbles.  I may have gone slow at times (even by my standards), but the old demons never raised their head.

The training paid off, the New Forest for the forest trails, the Peak District for the mud, the Lakes for the hills and the mean streets of Merseyside for the sheer duration.

There were bits where it hurt more than others, and parts where it smelt more than others (with perfect timing a farmer had manured his fields).  The terrain was a little tougher than I'd expected and the navigation, well its good that even tired I can use a map and compass - a couple of the markers had disappeared in the passing of an hundred feet... Nothing major, nothing dangerous and good practice for adventures to come.

So I'm an ultra-marathoner... And the smile as I type those words is quite large:-)

So thanks to Rory, Jen and the gang at Ultrarace - if you're ever insane enough to try this sort of thing I can't recommend their approach more - friendly, genuine and as helpful to those at the back as to those at the front.

Also thanks to the rest of runners - I've done lots of runs around the country now, and none have been so happy and welcoming to all comers - be careful you may be seeing me again:-)

So, I'm just under 1800km (1777 to be precise) for the year - leaving  235 to do... in 11 weeks:-) Around a half-marathon a week then:-)

And if I ever doubted the awareness raising of plodding along the way I do, a couple of runners had googled the run and found me, and had picked up why I do what I do and more importantly that there are kids born with heart conditions and life isn't always easy.

I think I can call that job done!





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