Kit List…

Well I’m in the taper…
The last long run didn’t go well… 

A kid freewheeling along a path on his bike had his feet sticking out, a scene of pure joy… Unfortunately, his foot bashed into my knee.

I just about managed not to teach the youngster some Anglo-Saxon… and shook the leg out and carried on.  The knee didn’t swell, but also didn’t feel right.  So discretion became the better part of valour and a planned 25 miler became a 14 miler. 

Until the knee, all felt good.

So a weekend of easy walking around town, and some dancing at a friend’s wedding, and the knee is feeling OK.  I’ll test it on Tuesday with a gentle run and a climb – but it feels OK.

Which is good, as it clear my mind to plan for the Ultra-marathon, 31 miles in one hit…  Being an off-road run it comes with a kit list –

Waterproof top – woo-hoo excuse to get a new very lightweight waterproof smock (thank you TK Maxx!)

Full length leg covering – that’ll be a pair of tracksters in the backpack

Full arm length top – I’ve a technical top or two that’ll fit the bill

Mobile phone – fully charged (sensible precaution)

Food & Water – to keep you going between the fuel stations.

Oh, and trainers… My red and lime shoes are now at their peak – they’re c150km old – old enough to be comfortable, new enough to still be bouncy and supportive.

So this week is gentle runs, and prep… Next week is carboloading…

Oh, and asking for your money – if you’ve enjoyed my blog, my tales of running, or are in somewhere connected with why I do what I do then please think about sponsoring me -

TTFN and thank you in advance



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