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as ever my life has been a little bit hectic, so apologies this is going to be a rapid fire rattle through a couple of good weeks...

The Dane's did us proud - From around Europe we converged on Ishoj, to learn and to share.  Yes there were excellent lectures, and a cardiologist whose approach to everything was so refreshingly fresh that I suspect he's considered a bit of a maverick.. One tip though don't let him navigate if he's on a bike ride with you... a 70km bike ride will turn into 80km...

Oh, the cycling team - all young adults with congenital heart conditions... A lot of them quite complex... As I said a bit of a maverick, but my sort of maverick.

However, as well as the lectures there was the learning from each other.  How we've grouped together, helped each other, planned and delivered events and most especially supported our growing community.  I've seen new groups in far flung countries build and an expand in the years I've been going, learning from our, my, mistakes and hopefully being as diverse in organisations as we are as people.  Two stand out for me, Russia & Italy - not so long ago there was no support organisations in those countries.  Now there they are, growing slowly and strongly reaching out through  whatever means works for them to provide the support that is so needed.

I'll write up the football match, and what I hope it means elsewhere - not sure soccer translates, but the emotions and love will.

As with 2 years ago a new working group for the European Congenital Heart Group has been selected; each of us is an expert in an area and although we have a challenging remit I have no doubt that we will achieve more than we think in our 2-years.

Old friendships were renewed, and new friendships made. Old friends were missed and remembered, and as predicted from time to time some of us needed to take a few moments to reflect on our own, or with those who know us best.

Which would be busy enough for even me normally, but sometimes time and tide wait for no man... Up and Running ran a competition to "Aid a Charity Runner", and out of the 300 applications mine was one of the 8 chosen to be supported.  For me its some shiny new kit, and support for my training, for CHF a lot of publicity and I hope for congenital heart disease a lot of awareness. Up and Running will be featuring my blogs tweets and facebook page - so thank you Up and Running:-D

Which nicely brings me on to the running...

Most of what I'll be doing in the run up to the Notts Ultra is long, long miles... my 30km before the conference, my half marathon this weekend were slow, steady designed to accumulate miles in my legs, and my plan has me going out to a full marathon to get all the miles needed in before the 7th Oct.

However, sometimes the legs just need to rotate... Sod the heat, forget my backpack has my work clothes in, and just blast it... and a 5mile PB will come - in 51:09:-D

So, that's the info dump - thank you for listening... More sill be going up soon on my more immediate madness in Edinburgh!




  1. I missed an 80 km bike ride? Man, I knew I should have been there! :)

  2. Not at the conference - but have a chat with - he's been through the training programme:-)


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