A day to fall in love (again)...

... with the English countryside...

The Peak District is one of my favourite places on this planet, once you get away from the normal honey spots you can walk for hours seeing no-one else, and yet know that civilisation with all of its pluses and minuses is only a short way away...

When the day starts out like this, its not going to be a bad one... Throw in about 650m of up and down, and just under 22km (2000ft & just under 14 miles), a fair chunk of it over a moor that gives views of the sharp edges over the Derwent valley, and the rest through the historical plague village of Eyam (pronounced Eaamm, not Eyam, or by the American guest at the Youth Hostel E-YAM) down to Stonet Middleton where the climbers were playing and a slap up tea the Youth Hostel (they do do food, it's cheap and the better than much in pubs these days). Good Job I burned those 2000 calories!


The only downside on 2 and a bit days walking - a mysterious blister on my heel... Why mysterious, because the boots have done the best part of 80 miles before Friday, and I can find no reason.  But a decent compeed blister plaster seems to have done the trick.  I'm also fairly lucky with such things, given the abuse my feet get I average, roughly, a blister every 300 miles - which isn't bad!

Time for a soak I think



ps Total so far for the year - 74km


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