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New Years Resolutions...


Don't do them, when I did I didn't keep them...

However, that doesn't mean I don't do change... I just pick random dates... well semi-random...and some like the title are long term projects... Apologies, I'm on a blogging roll, so you'll need to wade through other stuff first...

Weight loss - Reviewing my training plans for 2012 in November, I decided one way to improve would be to carry less weight... My collection of titanium , tissue thin waterproofs and micro-towels is a good start. Unfortunately the only thing really left to trim weight off is me...

The best objectives are ones with an element of precision - so by the Belfast Marathon (7 May) I'll have lost at least a stone (14lbs, 6kg).

How - simple really - I'll eat a bit more sensibly. My slow cooker will work its magic for my evening meal, lunchtimes will be mainly a tin of soup and I will try to remember that although its easy to improve my mood with a large carb-surge it doesn't do my blood sugar or waist line much good.

Progress - the week before Christmas I was down half a stone. It'll have gone up a bit, but this is a long term aim not a crash diet.

More exercise - I can hear the puzzlement through my computer screen. Again its not really more, its better. Last year's marathon training was scratchy - I got the long slow runs in, but the mid week runs were intermittent and not always targeted. I have a bag full of reasons for that - my job is to work around them and do better.

So, specifically - I'll move one of my runs to after work, giving me more time to do a longer run. I've done it before when training with the specific aim of breaking the 2:45 for a half marathon, I will do it again.

A New Challenge - A difficult one - I run in anything from 5k's to marathons in a year... I've walked a fair bit too... Challenges have to inspire me, and possibly others, hence the 2012km, the Excalibur Marathon and the Nottingham ultra-marathon. All are beyond my comfort limits, each will push my determination, stamina and sheer bloody stubbornness to new levels.

Do something fun - well that's the Open University course, there is absolutely no need for me to do an arts course, I could just potter around art galleries and muse on what I see. However, I respond best to a goal and a challenge - so an Arts based degree it is (and yes fitting it in is difficult). So the specific is to submit the assignments on time, and to pass them all... Not entirely straightforward when confronted with a poetry assignment!

Change the world - nothing big there then. I have a certain skill set, nothing to do with the running, walking and climbing, and access to a wide range of people with knowledge which when combined can make things happen.

I don't write much about these meetings, email exchanges and presentations because most of the time they are frigging boring - and often they are the very long end of a lever. Some of them are behind closed doors and I can't talk about, but all of the input over the years is invaluable, others can be more open - and when I know which I'll ask for your specific help.

So, it's a bank holiday weekend, Sunday is officially one of my rest days from exercise so its a catch up on other stuff - 2 essay's to write (Poetry! Cats! Argghhh!), a blog for the Adult Congenital Heart Association (Here - they're worth a read, and not just mine!), training plans to finalise, and just to prove its not all a grind - I'm off to the Peak District next weekend for a short break, so the maps are out and the weather being checked...




  1. Essays on cats and poetry or poetry about cats? Either way, rather you than me.

    Good luck with all the goals for the year!


  2. Essays on poems about cats:-(

    Thank you!


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