Awareness Walks & chatting

So its over for another year... 8 months in planning, 8 hours in the delivery... routes walked 3 times, twice to make sure they were interesting and accessible, once with a gaggle of GUCHs, friends and families...

The annual social and stroll is a gentle amble around a city, seeing some of the more unusual sights (Friar Tuck in a mini skirt... and more importantly a chance to chat with each other. Sometimes about GUCH issues (from the light and fluffy - which doctors are fanciable, which have no personality... to the more serious, when we've got check-ups, which of our friends are in hospital) and sometimes about nothing in particular.

Did we raise any awareness? Not sure - the woman in the balloon shop (sorry, card shop - Bayliffe & Lupton, in County Arcade) knows we exist - thank you for the discount!!! The BHF event going on seemed to know about us... The nuns at the Wheeler Hall were friendly, accommodating and seemed unphased by our slightly mad approach to things (well what can you say to a group of adults with helium balloons attached to them going to walk around a city centre!)

However we tried, and we had fun while we did it! And as someone said, we counted them all out and we counted them all back...




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