Dear Santa... Or any kindly sponsors of walkers!

Ah, the scent of my sweat in my nasal passages, the scrawled on spreadsheet of a training plan, the desperate search of a matching pair of running socks (or at least a left and right one)...

Phase 1 of the training has begun... As its icy out I'm in the gym (see posts from last winter for how much I hate the bloody gym)... But I'm pounding through the miles, yes I've lost a bit of fitness but not as much as I feared.

However, I've now run a fair bit, and walked many many miles so I now know what I need for next years exploits... I'm also a champion bargain hunter, so I hunt down cheaper stuff... I say cheaper, as the tent and jacket between them are north of £300.

Ultralight tent - bought:-) @38% off - Laser Competition Light (my dream tent for many a year)

Fell Running Association compliant smock - just won on Ebay:-) @40% off Paramo Velez Adventure

New hydration sack - spotted the probable one, an Osprey talon 11 want to try one more (North Face Boa Enduro) before I commit... Should get a minimum of 15% off

Amazon Kindle - ok, a bit of a luxury, but I travel a fair bit for work and with a fortnight planned in a tent a light way of carrying lots of books could be a sanity saver (oh and a waterproof case for one). Now this will be my treat to myself in the new year.

Odds and sods - running sunglasses, running socks (multiple pairs), walking socks (multiple pairs), probably new trainers after the March Half Marathon, new walking boots at some point, tent shoes, camping pillow... oh and food for the walk, hydration fluids, gloves (I lose at east 2 pairs a year), new compass (memo to self never leave compass next to work pass!)...

As for now, I'm looking for my kit for tomorrow, 5 miles before work... Ugh... However, it will be run, as it needs to be done!




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